Quality and Innovation since 1879

         MADE IN USA 


ROSS VALVE complies with many current requirements such as American Iron and Steel Act and No Lead in Drinking Water Act.


When George Ross founded our company in 1879, he made Automatic Control Valves that were designed to last. He also created a company built on enduring values: integrity of design and engineering, quality of materials, craftsmanship in manufacturing, a high level of customer service, and flexible business systems that have evolved with changes in technology and industries we serve.

Still located in Troy, NY, Ross Valve has grown to become an internationally renowned manufacturer, and expanded to a second facility in 2004 to better serve our customers. As a 6th generation family-owned and operated business, there is an intense commitment to assure that all of our equipment is top quality and meets the high expectations of our customers.

SINCE 1879.

We pride ourselves in providing a truly engineered product. There is no "off the shelf" valve that will perform optimally in every application, so every Ross Valve is designed with at least 10 separate criteria to ensure the best performance possible. Ross Valve's staff of engineers has the company's 130 years of experience and tools like fluid modeling at its disposal to assist with all your product and application requests.

In addition, our completely captive, in-house manufacturing process allows us to control quality and delivery without the risk of overseas interruptions.