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Years of experience have shown that our rigid red brass control piping (minimum 1/2 inch diameter) can stand up to the decades of service expected of our valves.A visual position indicator gives an accurate assessment of valve position, which is invaluable in monitoring valve performance and troubleshooting.Our standard strainer to protect the controls from contaminants is actually functional - with over 7 square inches of surface area.Due to the long stroke inherent to our piston style design, we can optimize each valve's performance by tailoring the seat contour design to the valve's specified application.Each valve is built standard with ANSI Class 250 construction with regard to wall thickness, internal components, and controls. Flanges are sized and drilled as specified to mate with adjacent pipes and equipment.All ferrous surfaces are coated with two layers of NSF Certified Epoxy Coating inside and out.The rugged bottom cylinder ensures that the valve piston is fully guided above and below the seat to counter any lateral forces and ensure correct alignment at the seat.All control devices are built to meet our strict requirements for durability, in order to ensure a long service life of the entire valve assembly.Though every valve is tested at the factory prior to shipment, devices like the speed control valve may be adjusted in the field for further refinement, should operating conditions change.The Ross Piston Style design utilizes rugged seals that wear gradually and are not vulnerable to sudden failure or rupturing. Ross Valve | Automatic Control Valves for the Water and Wastewater Industries